Sunday, December 28, 2008

Vacation is so tiring

Ah, home again.

I'm home now from my Christmas travels. Kitty and I are exhausted and are ready for things to get back to normal. Or as normal as they can be with the buses still being on strike.

I hope everyone's Christmas was a good one with family and that Santa was good to everyone.

The apartment is in pre and post Christmas disorder that I hope to fix this week. Or at least get a good start on.

What little stitching I managed to get done was mostly on Poke this week. She's got a big hole in her tail that needs to be fixed.... It's getting close to just backstitching and beading now...

While I was home one of my cousins announced his engagement so I'm now trying to find a piece for them. I asked - and was told whatever. So helpful... the only thing they decided is that they would prefer a "picture" type piece to a wedding piece. Sigh.... so I'm thinking wildlife like deer or something like that - any suggestions??


Kathy A. said...

Happy Christmas Christin. Glad you had a nice holiday with your family and are back home safe and sound. Ahh the mysterious Poke has reappeared. I have the Endangered Species that I did for a wedding gift?

Cindy F. said...

So glad you had a nice holiday and you've arrived back home safely:)
Poke is incredible and you're so close to a finish!! Good job!
Stitch something you like if they don't offer suggestions. I'm sure they'll like whatever you stitch.

Beatrice said...

Have a Happy New Year.
I'm glad you had a good Christmas with your folks.
Make sure you stitch something you like for the gift.
Poke Looks goooood!