Thursday, November 27, 2008

How Many Days Til Christmas??

Well I'm still working on the Christmas thing. Why did I wait so long to start this?

Someone remind me in May that I have to get the Aunt's ornament done. Then maybe I'll have it done in time!

Oh, you might have noticed the colours look different - that's because I've moved on to the next part. I'm leaving the B&B to the end.

Now I"m off to find something for lunch tomorrow - wish me luck there's not a lot left in the fridge.


Cindy F. said...

Oooh, pretty colors! Can't wait to see more!

We have plenty of leftovers we'll be happy to share:)

Wendy said...

Hi Christin,

I'm Wendy from Belgium. You make very nice things!!! I also enjoy doing cross stitching, but also scrapbooking, cardmaking, bearmaking, patchwork, etc.... I like to do all kinds of creative hobby's. It's nice to watch other people their nice work they are doing.

Greetings from Belgium,