Monday, December 31, 2007

Looking Ahead

While I'm sitting here watching Law and Order SVU season 3, I thought I would look ahead to 2008 and set some goals; something I didn't do for this year....

  • Finish The Castle aka Gherkin
  • Finish Earthdancer
  • Work on Paradigm Lost
  • Start/work on Moonlight Guardian
  • Work on Tour des Marques
  • Start/work on Giggles in the snow
I haven't thought about my small/bus projects as yet. I'm sure I have some old class projects I can work on....

For January

  • Finish The Castle
  • Finish the baby thing
Happy stitching, until next year.....

1 comment:

tkdchick said...

Great goals Christin, be sure I'll keep you to them too!