Saturday, December 22, 2007

Long Time No Blog

Where did the week go? I meant to blog this week but it seemed that something was always going on.

The snow that we got on Sunday made going to and from work long and frustrating. On average my going home time was at least two hours. On a good day it's under 45 minutes.

I've been working away on getting things ready for Christmas which seems to have arrived out of nowhere. Time is certainly flying by.

I did manage to squeeze in some time on Gherkin this week. Here is the progress:

And Wednesday night I worked on Paradigm. Here is the progress. Luckily the rest of this page is small motifs so I think that will be much faster then this one has been.

And finally, my travel project which I finished tonight.

Celtic Knot
Little Leaf Designs
Designed by Elizabeth Foster
copyright 2007

I replaced the Magnific beads with Mill Hill 03007
The fabric is Silkweaver 32 ct.Mountain Mist lugana

Tomorrow sounds like there will be lots of baking and wrapping to do before the first of the family dinners on Monday. Hmm, really food I can hardly wait.


tkdchick said...

Wow Christin you've been busy! Keep going on Gherkin!

Beatrice said...

Looks like Gherkin is coming along just great. Keep up the good work!
I love the Celtic Knot.
Merry Christmas!