Monday, September 24, 2007

I will Not Scream

To start the week, there's progress on Tour des Marques. I was bad again and didn't do the fill in like I was suppose to. No one noticed right??

I didn't think so.

One of my co-workers is driving me batty. Between diva behavior, a move that has no date but has been rumored to be in the next two weeks and a co-worker off sick that we're filling in for I'm about ready to scream -- at the diva. The poor chocolate jar is getting a work out, good thing I just got a new stash for it....


tkdchick said...

Take a deep breath and a mental health day!

TKD looks good!

Beatrice said...

Your progress looks great...thats all I noticed.
Have a calming day. Forget the Diva. Yuck why do people have to act like that?
Happy stitching. I'll work on Tour next week.