Friday, August 03, 2007

August Goal

Before I forget, I should do the goals for August.

Goals for July

Work on Castle yes but not every weekend
Work on Tour des Marques yes
Work on Guardian (more than one day a week) yes and quite a bit done while on my road trip
Work on Biker Moose (finish bike) I did work on it but didn't get the bike done

Goals for August

Finish Guardian

Yup, one goal. Wish me luck. I may put aside my SAL projects until G is done.


Beatrice said...

Good luck on finishing G for August...I have no doubt that you will get it done!!!!

Claire said...

Good luck with Guardian. It looks great:)


Lana said...

Good luck with that goal!!! You can do it!!

tkdchick said...

Keep going on G you can do it!