Monday, July 30, 2007

So Fun it was exhausting

It's hard to believe that the weekend is already over, it comes and goes so fast.

Bright and early Thursday morning, Dani and I packed up the car and headed on our way. Our first stop was in Kingston to pick up a die-cast model for Dani's SO's birthday. We managed to find two of the ones that he wanted.

We then continued on to Ann's where we arrived right on schedule at 11:30. We unloaded the car and had a visit with Ann before Beatrice arrived to share a yummy lunch with us before the Thursday Stitchers arrived.

It was such fun to visit with the ladies. The group has certainly grown in the last year, over a dozen of us gathered for stitching and sharing. This is a picture of a piece that Olive was working on. It's not a type of stitching I do but isn't it pretty?

After the ladies left we helped clean up before I was off to Beatrice's for the night. Once there her DH and I had a lovely chat about genealogy research and a few other things before a tasty roast beef dinner followed by chatting and stitching.

Friday we got up to a very hazy day and a promise of high tempters so we decided it was best to stay in the nice air conditioning. We did some "tweaking" to Beatrice's blog and a few other computer things that she wanted help with and stitched. Ah, it was so nice having an excuse to stitch all day.

I have been given permission to share a funny ort story with you. Beatrice and I had been stitching when it was time to start dinner. When getting the meat packages sorted out what was found but an ort. Yup, threads stuck to the container. Don't they just get everywhere?

After dinner we headed back to Ann's where Beatrice visited with us and stitched before heading home as she had to work Saturday.

Saturday we had yet another lazy day of stitching, and some shopping in the store before Beatrice joined us. Dani and I made some changes to Ann's blog for her before a wonderful dinner prepared by Dan (thanks to Ann's excellent prep work). After eating we had, you guessed it, more stitching time. Beatrice managed a Happy Dance, hopefully she'll share that soon.

Sunday Dani and I were treated to a Dan breakfast and more stitching. After lunch we finished up our shopping and started loading the car back up. I'll share my stash with you later.

On the way home we stopped and visited with Rebecca, who oddly enough lives at the end of the road my parents live on. Her DH even works with two of my uncles. Small world is it not? After a lovely visit with her we headed home.

Shadow was very happy to see me and decided she needed to sleep with me. Unfortunately this meant on the same pillow so I was awake several times before I had to get up and head into work.

I have a progress picture of biker moose to share, I worked on it in the car and a few odd times over the weekend. It doesn't look like I'll meet my goal of finishing the bike before the end of the month.

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Beatrice said...

Yup it was a great weekend, I had a good time it was so nice to see you!!!Thanks again for your help.