Thursday, May 03, 2007

"Yes. As pathetic as that may seem at the moment, I agree."

I almost forgot to Blog about the goals for this month. I wrote them down and put the paper next to the computer and that's as far as it went.

Recap of Goals for April

Finish current page of The Castle All but a little backstitching
Work on Tour des Marques Yup, getting close to the end of the page finally
Work on Guardian Yes
Pick and kit Christmas ornament I couldn't decide

Goals for May

(pause while I find piece of paper)

Work on Castle
Work on Tour des Marques
Work on Guardian
Start ornament
Finish freebie

Last quote: Law and Order SVU


Anonymous said...

Good work with your April goals and good luck with your May ones.

tkdchick said...

Good luck with your May goals! Glad you found that piece of paper I know its a challenge to find things in your place ;-)