Sunday, May 27, 2007

"No, it can't. It's waited long enough. "

It's a very busy time the last few days.

First, Thursday morning I headed off to see Ann
and her stitching group in Brighton.

First though, we stopped to see a friend at the hospital and were delighted to find that she was being released, we had a lovely visit with her before heading off for lunch and set up for stitching group.

We all had a lovely afternoon of stitching and visiting. I brought along all my wips and a few finishes for all the ladies to see. The ladies also showed off their new shirts -- don't they all look lovely??

I stayed and visited with Ann for the rest of Friday (Ann managed to get a few things finished hopefully she'll show them off in her blog) and Saturday morning before heading off to see my parents to celebrate my Dad's birthday.

Before I left my Mom and Aunt joined Ann, Dani, Kathy and I for a visit and lunch. I had such a great visit.

Saturday night Mom and I took Dad out for dinner and a movie. We held a small get together for him this afternoon which was a great success.

I did manage to get some stitching done, some on Guardian which I will post on Wednesday as well as a new project, Biker Moose by Stitchworks. Here is what I have done so far:

Last quote: Battlestar Galactica


AnnMcD said...

Biker Moose really looks like a biker moose!!!
Glad your Dad's birthday celebration went well.
Come back and visit anytime. I think your WIPs really inspired some of the Thursday stitchers.

Beatrice said...

I hear all your stitching went over with a bang at Ann's.
It was lovely to see you and I look forward to a longer visit next time.
Love the Biker!!

Kathy said...

Glad you made it home safely. Sure was nice to see you and all your projects. Keep plugging at Guardian. Look forward to seeing you again soon.

tkdchick said...

Glad you had a wonderful time!